Expeditionary pages

In the grand tradition of self-reference, I realized one could write pages which summarized other pages. Your corpus was your work, and this new article would serve as a curation of selected content. These “expeditionary pages” allow your notebook a longer shelf relevance, because lookups cost less than a complete linear search. You also do not have to maintain X number of pages – as a guess – to maintain an index; you can keep writing as a journal, entry by entry.

I would like my next notebook to be gridded, because I have been drawing flowcharts and little printing squares for Fortran. The goto statement remains formidable, but initial design lends sanity to the testing. Modifying the program remains awkward, as each branching requires a grasping familiarity of what then happens. It would be nice to say my brain is approaching the sharpness of a well-run stack, but that would be lying.