Art of the selfless

I made myself redundant by sharing my code. In fear and insecure, I did the only thing I could: let it go, let it grow, and by fortune inherit destiny. In my gut, that stone hurled overboard into a shadow sea; my mind, bereft of sugar and running on steamed veggies: I had to sow a form of chaos, to plant new roots for all our good.

We don’t have a culture of sharing. Is it because we do not have a reasonable repo? Maybe if I put up the first words for it, the initial tutorials, and encouraged the strengthening of each other. This is the samewise regret when the idea for a game fell in school: I did not bring the biggest investment, and no one wanted to chip in to nothing.

Previously, I wished to establish a “developer culture.” Aren’t I four steps closer to my wish? Then why does it feel I am at Microsoft, an alpha of one, against factions?