Biweekly accumulant

I’m trying to avoid eating out for lunch: the money saved isn’t per week, but over two weeks. I can stretch gas to two weeks too: accelerating to highway speeds, to and from restaurants, subtracts almost an additional week without refueling. Conserving gas saves money, but I also want to save time.

When I had a 30-minute lunch, I pushed for a full hour. Now I see that spending a whole hour on lunch during a pay period deprives me of five hours of work, and for nothing less than greed over discretionary miscellany. Driving around during lunch eats into that time, so I’m better served eating in-house.

Saving that money is even more imperative now, because I’m paying my parents rent. I do it gladly, because it prevents me from impulsive purchases. I also won’t have any savings, but that aligns well with the bootstrap coder who survives on his trusty mechanical keyboard and instinctive intuition.

It’s not future-forward thinking; I may not be in enough simulated poverty to be willing to learn the newest trending technologies.