It’s the data

Application development, for me, was the veneer of the front-end: the endless debate over frameworks, arguments for usability, and a kind of crafting zeal for single-line statements. But actually none of that matters and is rewritten every few years anyway.

What is most important to business is the sales they captured, the clients they won, and all the metrics between. History is written by the victors, and data is that lifeblood. There is no harder reality than the belief in electric persistence, meanings in tables as magnetic bits on a platter. To value it as they do is to align yourself to another realization.

You can’t be useful to anyone if you do not value data: yours, ephemeral pieces, disposable, not worth an app to lay over – of course it will seem meaningless. If everything is a permutation of structs, romancing the kernel is Narcissus and the pool. Your Echo is real and needs you to live in the technology of our times.