I have a chance to put my mark on a thing, originally labored over by a leaving man, to pursue other dreams. For this I put for three and some nausea, because I had wanted hard drives, a firewall, and a board full of PCI NICs. But I have gotten to thinking of work as life, that I would be remiss in admitting less than the zeal of those higher, whose life goals and mine are aligned along a result-oriented stream.

Today I was looking at a modern pic and tearing up, because this place is a rollercoaster: you hate everything one moment, and dream for showing your capability the next. You shuffle forward in numbness and swipe twice. Then I made a promise for us: I would keep the fragile and vulnerable here, so that you could see us as humans. After, for want of chewing over tablet-light, choosing a post on algorithms.

It used to be I was inventing new things daily. Now I plan to print and plan: pencils and sketches, boxes and notes, desk checks and mental introspection. If I can avoid reflection, maybe I will achieve a notion of speed.