Laying out a spreadsheet for which URL hits which database table, I realized methods were mostly SQL statements with a mapping to objects. Our browsers hit web apps serving persistence, even as file writes are perpetually saved games and level loads. Caching is memory, but each user is a brief flit of packets. We are less concerned with data structures and more concerned with the structure of data.

If we bow to the notion of serialized tables and a language to query them, life is smoother. We use the abstractions laid out for us. Someone is working on libraries for our future problems. Vendors will help us get there. In an ecosystem this perfect, it’s disconcerting to feel dissatisfied.

Maybe at higher levels, the ownership of strings is important. Naming is creating; persuasion is coding. Complex figures require an apology; debugging is reasoning from the stack trace. We don’t toss bones, but we still look for patterns.