Heady times

Business is a means of selling capability. Whether it is present or absent, word-of-mouth begins the assurance of paper. Technology strives to fulfill expectations, requirements heretofore unannounced and invisible, given form by mind and vision. We are forever instruments to this or the other, means to ends, because our interface is built for inward scrutiny.

In a land of developers, the buck stops with you. There is no outsource vendor and no meat-sack backup. Your brain, your team’s brains – you’re it. The business could slow down by each missed milestone. Regardless of your ideology, profits start from promises. This is the moment to gear up, buckle down, and treat work as a second life.

I wish I could feel the same with each side project. Glimmers of enthusiasm flicker between bouts of apathy. I don’t know which language to use; everyone is advancing with free search and open source.