Domain doldrums

Intermittent errors traced by the breadcrumbs of table rows, like chasing after a theoretical particle by etchings on plate: only a persistent observance could start the thread after it. Though busy, the issue is always – as ever – to solve in a sane span, without a blindsiding change, a small convenient for easy review.

Even with global search, diving into the code is a morass of constant confusion. Not being able to execute a stack trace any-which-where is frustrating. I’m not sure where this expectation stemmed, except perhaps from early ease when “Hello world” could be scrutinized by gdb.

Debugging is about reproducing the issue. All I’m left with is output and faith. Can I not simulate the universe, pause at breakpoints, and inspect state by discrete forwards? Here the mess broke, and here it did not; by satisfied patch and early lunch, we satisfy a teaspoon of doubt.