After after

Enough levels in the self-build brings more workflows. Code is only a small part of the picture. Imagining the process is more return than scrolling and dozing. The usual host is a load balancer forwarding to any server. Even that request gets unpacked by several devices, all monitored, before the exception reaches our neat console.

A part of programming is the engineering of a good repro. There are the surface answers, only assumptions, that won’t stand to scrutiny. There are suppositions strengthened by evidence, substantiated theories, and a logical presentation of facts. Honing explanation is a skill, even as you sink blearily into a different world of proprietary: the custom software of the workplace.

At some point, I need to accept the inevitable and embrace the state of things. Not as they could be, but as they are. Enough of time has been spent indoctrinated to loyal intangibles. Yet thought is that very product, some abstraction out of neuronal impulse, and I am left to wrestle against ideological ghosts.