Expert reasons

I’m glad I didn’t listen to the reviewers for “Software Tools in Pascal,” or even Kernighan’s “Why I Don’t Like Pascal.” The decision point was between “this book is more semantically C” versus “the original book is better.” Well, I had the first book and ratfor77 was convulsing during make.

I’m glad I bought the book, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had permission to do this:

arr[0] = '#'
arr[1] = 'i'
arr[2] = 'n'
arr[3] = 'c'
arr[4] = 'l'
arr[5] = 'u'
arr[6] = 'd'
arr[7] = 'e'

Inwardly, I felt like this kind of idiom would be a sin. That shows how inexperienced I am with languages where strings are built piecemeal. You make do with what you have; in this case, an early chapter, a new reader, and a seasoned pedagogy.