Outlook rule suddenly fails

An Exchange upgrade doled out default 32 kb rules limits to everyone, but I needed more. It was a simple fix on the admin side, and I was back to normal operation. Fortunately, I did not have to add “stop rules processing” to every rule. That kind of global update reminds me of when scheduled tasks started failing, and I made drastic, sweeping changes to later undo.

It reminds me of how fragile the journeyman’s spaceship is, patched with tape and hardpoints cheaply slotted. We romanticize it heavily – the independent, scrappy cruiser-nobody – without really evaluating the risks. We want adventure in our space operas!

Maybe the fine point is a balance between Every Item Important and Death Comes Easy. In rogue-likes, experienced players seem to make every expense count, even as their treasure appears completely random. Being resourceful is a prerequisite for adventurers.