pkg_add: cannot find package, OpenBSD::Quirks

I started xterm and edited .profile to have a PKG_PATH:

# xterm
# vi .profile
# exit

And then started a new xterm window to have the new environment variables. But I still could not add packages, including gfortran, firefox and qemu. pkg_add -vvvvv recommended installing “OpenBSD::Quirks,” which wasn’t available on cpan.

Workaround was to install Firefox from the CD, which includes “quirks” package:

# mkdir /mnt/cdrom
# mount /dev/cd0a /mnt/cdrom
# PKG_PATH=/mnt/cdrom/5.6/packages/amd64
# cd $PKG_PATH
# pkg_add firefox-31.0.tgz
# exit

I started a new xterm and tried to add packages over HTTP, but it still failed. I was missing the export statement in .profile:

# vi .profile
export PKG_PATH