LUAIsElevatedToken vs. scheduled tasks

There’s nothing like a gradual series of “Could not start” messages appearing in the scheduled tasks list to remind you that you’re mortal. Tasks that ran fine for months refuse to launch. At least these are logged. All of them have to do with a “LUAIsElevatedToken,” which wasn’t fixed by re-scheduling the task.

Open Task Scheduler and click on Task Scheduler Library to view your tasks. For each one, change the settings to run whether or not the user is logged in. Opting for highest privileges is your call. I only made the connection after associating “LUA” with “UAC,” i.e. security.

I’m not sure why it started failing. Maybe it is related to the constant CAPI errors. Maybe it was a change in the mysterious group policy. If you dig deep enough, all Windows errors seem deterministic. But each one feels like a very specific domain solution.