Convert files to Unicode with VBA

I had a case where Unicode characters would show normally in Notepad, but opening them in Excel resulted in gibberish. I still wanted to use VBA because of automation via cscript. The FileSystemObject approach and the OpenText() subroutine failed to reproduce the Unicode characters. Instead, I used a combination of ADODB.Stream and brute conversion of each character to Unicode.

Set objStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
objStream.CharSet = "UTF-8"
objStream.Type = 2

strData = objStream.ReadText
strData = ITSlugFunction(strData)  ' see link below

strData = "<html>" & strData & "..."

' write string to C:\test.html

You can embed this into an Outlook mail message and get Unicode characters from the command-line. Yes, Outlook will automatically treat &#xx; characters as Unicode!