Graphical attentions

I broke and slapped the Excel chart at the top of my reports. Two weeks had passed and no one had commented on the pretty pictures. They had to scroll down to see it; I imagined their faces lighting up as stacked columns aligned themselves under a trend line. Then I would get requests, become semi-famous, &c. Were it only so.

JPG makes blurry pictures. Excel can export to PNG. The numbers and lines are much sharper. Don’t forget the title, and label your horizontal and vertical axis. All that high school stuff, except this time I had to rationalize my yearning for acknowledgement.

A part of me dreads that part, the requests. It’s because the problem will be a slight permutation, and novel attempts must be refactored for maximal time savings. All of these tools shall rarely see the light of day; my years have gone to cloaked artifacts.

Honestly, I don’t think they look at them too closely. A part of me is relieved, while the other part wonders whether browsing Facebook would have been the lesser sin.