Tree traversal with static data

I would like to get into the meat of algorithm books, but malloc() and structs loom. If you initialize an array to represent a tree, you can fake the rest.

tree:               table:
         1          node  child1 child2
       /   \        1     2      3
      2     3       2     4      5
     / \   /        3     6
    4  5  6         4

For investigating techniques, this seems doable. The (gist) demonstrates pre-order, in-order, and post-order traversal of this tree. My assumption is stacks and queues can be expressed even more easily with two position markers, an insert_at variable and a fetch_from variable.

If the world state is sufficiently large to represent all possible state transforms, there’s little reason to write a dynamic allocation scheme for a data structure. At least for initial learning purposes.