Switching from MySQL to Access

Running Apache, mysqld, Outlook and Internet Explorer is pretty much impossible. It is interesting to see the AWT-equivalent thread of mouse movements jerk at 2- to 5-second latency, but it is otherwise untenable. SQLite makes a clear case against using it as a concurrent database “file,” which leaves Access as the only alternative.

SysInternals’ procexp showed 400,000 KB private space claimed by mysqld. As performance issues go, that might be a good one to turn off. Having a database-as-file elsewhere is a convenient salve for a development machine.

The next step is to actually use MySQL with Apache in a web way; that’s on the task list.

Changing simple SQL statements between MySQL and Access, for my use case, is not horrible. There’s a lot more repetitious code, but migration only affects the DAO layer. The controller and the view, communicating via return codes, remain intact. Hurray for layered programming!