Event traffic goodies underneath rectangles

Sniffing GUI event traffic in Spy++ reminds me of Fiddler2 and HTTP traffic: you’re sniffing data streams in the tempest beneath, a fisherman in storm, hauling a risky catch for hefty reward. As always, AutoIt masterfully slots itself as the go-to language+lib: DllCall(), WinAPI.au3, and a forums that surpasses StackOverflow in generosity, expertise and sheer volume of examples.

But AutoIt Info wasn’t enough; Spy++ showed me the tree nesting of windows – literally, windows upon windows, with Desktop the root claimant, and briefly I thought how Windows could actually be cool to learn and intellectually profitable. I’m excited to try out AutoIt’s _WinAPI_xxx series of functions; hopefully I can traverse down to the child windows that I hope to target.

I was recently motivated because my work was about to be junked for relying on configuration: the user had to fiddle around with coordinates to get the mouse movement perfect – and it had to be, because we only had the binary. We had to go with a “trainer,” app-as-MMO, with not a ban to await but a good job going. With this method of targeting windows, my app could be resolution independent – a true boon, for it would work on any machine without (x,y) frivolity.