Complexity coma

Do you fall asleep when concepts get gnarly? I’ll doze off when the logic gets knotted, when the mental trace is too hard to follow. (Write better debugging tools!) If things aren’t self-evident by thin-sliced intuition, when line-romp becomes less dungeon and more line-by-line dragon, of my own volition I nod my head and sleep.

This sucks. I’m trying to find ways to stave it off. Fight it with a waving stick like a torch against the dark, in a forest of slumber. Figuratively, the lamp is the fire and it’s cold: cross mine arms and rest –

Rewriting is supposedly the most important part of writing. So rewriting one’s mental knowledge should be right next to cleanliness and godliness. This may only help with new code. For bugs, my constant method has been dozing off and then waking with a sudden clarity of the solution. Or, a realization of the refactoring complexity… Zzz…

I’d be a real hoot at hackathons, I’m sure. A real night owl for Ludum Dare.