Fundamentals and where we lay our bets

The Coursera startup class has begun. We have a lot of articles to read and technologies to learn. I want to give it an honest shot, but here is a question:

Can we use Javascript to automate the web?

If you work eight hours a day – or more – interacting with a web form to glean information, and copy-pasting results back and forth between Excel spreadsheets, would you want more of the same, or a method to batch-process a whole list of things?

Do you guys count the number of keystrokes that add up with Alt-Tab, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V? Double it because you’re switching contexts between browser and workbook. Add in the left clicks and the waiting for the HTTP response, the browser to render, and so on.

I bet that doesn’t enter your mind though. You’re all about user interface (UX) and metrics. And making money. These are all good things, but they are not better things. We are trending toward ubiquitous Javascript and tasks centralized in the browser.

What are you doing about automation and reducing RSI?

2 thoughts on “Fundamentals and where we lay our bets

  1. They’re great; I have over 4,000 lectures and nearly 100 GB downloaded. These should last a lifetime. I don’t expect much to change except quantum computing and machine learning. The professors should do a good job of keeping current.

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